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Full Length LP’s/CD’s

you`re class , i`m trash
– 2021 (Voodoo Rhythm Records VR12119 / VRCD119)
– 2021 (Sounds Of Subterrania SoS 211)


– 2016 (Voodoo Rhythm records VR12100 / VRCD100 )

2016 ( Sounds of Subterrania SoS155)

the Jungle Noise recordings (30 years anniversery)

2016 (voodoo rhythm records VR1295 )

Pop up Yours

2011 ( voodoo rhythm records VR1267)

2011 ( Sounds of Subbterania )

Garage Punk Switzerland 1986-2006 

2006(voodoo rhythm records VR1237)

Hide and seek

2005 (sazanami label, Japan) / 2005 (off the Hip ,Australia)

I see dead people

2002 (voodoo rhythm records VR1214)

2002 ( Sounds of Subterrania SoS 029 )

Birds eat Martians

1999 (Voodooo rhythm recordsVR1203)

Youth Against Nature

1996 (record junkie junk 031)

Youth Against Nature (reprint)

– 2010 (Voodoo rhythm records VR 1220)

Jungle Noise

1995 (Jungle Noise  apecall 010)

the Hunch (reprint)

2001 (Crazy Love)reprint

2013 (Voodoo rhythm records VR1278 )

The Hunch (CD reprint)

CD 1993 (rumble rec. rumbcd 030)

The Hunch

1992 (Record Junkie, junk 668)

Masks (reprint)

2001 (Crazy Love CLLP 6479) reprint

2013 (Voodoo rhythm records VR1277 )


1989 (Record Junkie ,junk 666)


Nightmare 1988
(nightmare/ don`t burn the witch/ i came from hell/ Monster rock) (Record Junkie, CH)

Meets the betty pages of fright 1992
(the Creature from the Black lagoon/ S.O.S./ Jingle Bells) (Dionysus, USA)

Rock around the Tombstone/play with fire 1995
(Voodoo Rhythm, CH)

In Hell/nightlive/plan9 1995
(Jungle Noise, D)

Skeleton Stomp 1997
(G.I. records ,USA)

Walking trough a cemetery/blutbad in der safari bar
(subway starr, S)

Fever / Seven 2003
(Zombie World36, CH)

It`s Rock`n`Roll / Fever 2006
(Screaming Apple; scap073 , D)

I Still Love Her / Blues for Joe / Fever(feat. jackie B.) 2007
– with 33 pcs Cardgame
(Soundflat Records)

Züri brönnt!/Züri brönnt-Live 2008
squoodge!! records (it`s a two inch single!!!)

I want you (4 mixes) 2011
squoodge!! records

I`m a stranger to me 2020

Slovenly Recordings


Tape-Santa clause vs. the caveman 1987
(teenage werewolf/rosemary mc coy/ i love you)(left hand. CH)
Wrecking around the Christmas tree 1991
(jingle bells) (Jungle Noise, D)
Garage punk primitive Rock’n’Roll and Psychotic reactions from Switzerland 1992
(Voodoo love) (Voodoo Rhythm/Record Junkie, CH)
Songs the Cramps taught us 1993
(Drug train) (Jungle Noise, D)
SKAmpler 1993
(whisky song) (Tudor, CH)
5 years of Jungle Noise 1995
(Jungle noise) (Jungle Noise, D)
split single with Dead Moon  1996
(Burn my mind) (Record Junkie, CH)
Larzen Fanzine 1996
(Hold me hug me) (Larzen, F)
Straight into the action 1998
(Sonic nightmares) (Wild weekend, D)
Split single with lightning beat-man 1997
(She’s my witch/Barbara) (Mad driver records, I)
Swamp room happening 1999
(Acid dreams) (Swamp room, D)
Surprise party split with T-Bone bados   1999
(Bumble bee) (16tons, CH)
Mondo beat-man 7“   1999
(I wanna be dead) (rocking bones)
It came from hell 2000
( I drink myself to the grave) (crazy love D)
Kongpilation 2003
(Seven) (banana juice F)
This is Horrorpunk (2003)
The creature from the black lagoon (Fiend force records D)
More to enjoy vol.II 2004
Cosmic belly dance (The unfair records F)
Snaps-the primitve compilation vol.1 2004
I see dead people (Aua records I)
That`s life!at the Wild at Heart vol.3 2005
Searchin` (Wildathartberlin D)
Wild Sazanami Beat! vol.3 2006
Hi heels and mini skirt (Sazanami Label JP)

Muddy Roots Music (The Monster / The Ettes) 2013

La suisse primitive volume 1 (La suisse primitive LSP-004) 2016
Bumble Bee


Voodoo Love 1996
(Voodoo Love/ Sex Wax/ Nightlive/ Psych-out/ Gozilla/ Zueri Broennt/ Play with Fire/ Lonesome Town/ It`s not my way/ Nightclub/ go away fuck you self/ i came from hell/ Honeymoon at hell/ Hang on sloopy) 1 Video clip,the rest are cuts from Live shows 91-96 cuttet together with some B-Pictures (Voodoo Rhythm, CH)
Wild Wild Lover 1999
(Voodoo Rhythm. CH) by Ingwer Bergman
VoodooRhythm – The Gospel of Primitive Rock‘n’Roll 2005
(Slowboat Films D) by Marc Littler


Yeah, thats right! For all you coverbands, here are some of the Monster’s lyrics… pure poetry! But only from the songs that we wrote them down, for the rest of the songs…man, just make them up!
We`ve got : Acid Dreams , Creature from the Black Lagoon , Fuck my Brain , Honeymoon at Hell , I see dead People , Kiss you dead , The Love i never had , The other Man