Juni 2024

UK , here we come
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März 2024

Mexico /USA
Mex / USA 2024


Februar 2024
add some Shows , cu there

November 2023
Pictures by Patrick Principe – THX

October 2023
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June 2023
Back on the Road

Gigs May 2023 

Monsters HH 26.Mai


März 2023
New New New
The Monsters – Masks (on reel tape)
Get it HERE

Januar 2023

Oktober 2022

Juni 2022
The Monsters im Garten??
OK, strange, aber es geht , check hier
9. Juni in der Schüür zu Luzern!!!

Mai 2022
Liebe Hamburger, leider ist das OX-Fest abgesagt worden, hier lesen.
So, ein Ersatz ist gefunden! Happy to see you 
@Hafenklang 28.Mai

Tour Spring 222 Hell with the Monstersto Hell with the Monsters

Dezember 2021

get it from your local record dealer !!!

complete special edition INSANE release
see pictures one two three four
‚you’re class i’m trash‘ out on sounds of subterrania records in germany…
grab your BOX !!!

or order it here (regular Version)

the reviews:




ratb0y69 blogspot

Dresdner Kulturmagazin

Berner Zeitung


Voix De Garage Grenoble


Oktober 2021

get it from your local record dealer !!!


 order your copy of the new Monsters record „your class, i`m thrash“


Zur neuen Platte , ein Monsters Magazin , yeah , und sooooo günstig (sorry , english version soon)
written by the Monsters, Joachim Hiller (OX) Lurker (Swiss Punk) 
hier bestellen oder an der Record release Party kaufen!! Es hat , solange es hat!!!


the next Video (Dead from the new album „your class, i`m trash“)
The Monsters – Dead

check our brand new Video (Mortem from the new album „your class, i`m trash“)
TheMonsters feat. Mario Batkovic

So alles was ihr schon immer über die Monsters nicht wissen wolltet,
das OX hat es!
Also los, zum nächsten Kiosk oder gleich ein Abo beim OX machen, YEAH!


September 2021

August 2021

Juni 2021

Sjock Rebooting 2021_1 (3)

März 2021
Listen to „The Monsters“ Serge Gainsbourg Tribute Song

Februar 2021

Oktober 2020

August 2020


ok then, working on a new album….

Oliver Maurmann alias Olifr M. Guz (1967-2020)

Januar 2020

Asia 2019 , we`re coming
Oktober 2019

Juli 2019

Pic on a glass plate
Taken with this Camera
Cool stuff



30. Mai 2019

Tourdates updated

26. Januar 2019

25. November 2018

OUR DRUMMER TIBU(aka di PUTTO , aka Role , aka HR.MEYER , aka TUTU , aka THE MACHINE)

November 2018

24.11. Last Show in 2018 – Bikini Test – La Chaux-de-Fonds

Salut à tous
Le 24 novembre nous jouons le dernier show de 2018 au «Bikini Test» à La Chaux-de-Fonds.
Alors, allez-y, un concert à ne pas manquer!

September 2018

Hamburg 3.11.2018

August 2018
check for some live Pictures by Patrick Principe

Gigs March 2018

22.Oktober 2017


R.I.P Martin

September 2017  @Gambeat Weekend Barcelona

May 2017


Februar 2017


Januar 2017

Fog Town klein   HH Feb16

happy people

or check our new video „Happy people make me sick“

 26. Oktober 2016

R.I.P. Pädu Anliker


5.September 2016

Album Teaser Of the Album ‚M‘ by the Monsters
Release Date Oct 28.2016
– Vinyl Album with Free CD+ Posters
– Audio CD With Double Paper Back cover

26. August 2016

so sorry punks, due to visa problems (fuck that),
we have to cancel the muddy roots show.
we`re very,very disappointed – hope to see you next year
anyway – enjoy the festival and have some beers for us !!!


17.Juli 2016
***R.I.P. Alan Vega***



7.mai 2016

+++++++++Breaking news+++++++++



ole, we`ve booked some studio time in march

January 2016

added some shows

October 2015

A6 SmokinBoots 2015 CMYK300dpi

Viva Mexico

viva Mexico!

Let`s Party – 30 Jahre Zaff – Ole

ZaffFest Plakat Times-2

muddy europe

March 2015

– sorry for the amount of posters 🙂

our designer is in good mood, thx jan





January 2015

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August 2014



AllCards 01

Juli 2014

Das erste Fanzine von 1989

-sorry Folks, only in german

Juni 2014
Janosh tie

März 2014
`allo `allo
MonstersFrance 01

März 2014

Great idea , thx Neil

Januar 2014

November 2013
Ho ho ho, here we go again, you blo*** moonshiners

Oktober 2013
CU there……

check out some cool pictures from Belgium
thx Olivier

August 2013

Juli 2013

Juni 2013

R.I.P. Cataract, we will miss you

Mai 2013

03. Mai 2013
R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman (1964 – 2013)

02. Mai 2013
Monsters 02
18. Februar 2013

The Monsters – In and Out / Voodoo Rhythm – TAKE ONE SESSION – Episódio 05

In and out

14. Februar 2013

11. Januar 2013
MonstersBrasil 01

4. Januar 2013
added some Gigs for 2013
GO , see them Live and in Person!
August 2012
10. März 2012
See the Brand New Video for the #1 Hit Single
more you talk
2. December 2011
Limited Edition of our „Pop up yours“
 Pop up yours
For Europe, get it here
For Switzerland, get it here
7. September 2011
See the Brand New Video for the #1 Hit Single
Blow Um Mau Mau
nominated for best Lyrics on „KmATv“
and „Dummy Awards“
blow um
6. September 2011
Hot New Monsters Record
Out September23 on VoodooRhythm Records
on Vinyl and CD
 Pop up yours
25. Juli 2011
Yes, it’s done.
The new Record is finished, and will be out on
VoodooRhythm records
September 2011
30. Januar 2009
STOP the Press+++++STOP the Press+++++STOP
VoodooRhythm Benefiz -Party
STOP the Press+++++STOP the Press+++++STOP
07. August 2008
Ja, wir haben es geschafft, die kleinste Vinylsingle der Welt! 2″
Yeah, we did it! The smallest Single in the Universe!! It’s 2″
Thanks to squoodge!! records
Get it here/hier bestellen
03. August 2008
New Audio Section – Download it , Baby
15.Juli 2008
Video from a new song – Live at Sjok
Live at Sjok
15.Juni 2008
wow, one year , new news, lazy monsters
don’t be happy, we’re still alive and playing some rock’n’roll,
check out the „tour“ page……
jan is still writing his tourbook (from the 2007tour), i hope that
you can read the story and see some new pictures soon…
18.Juni 2007
Live Video on YouTube
7. März 2007
New 7″ released on Soundflat Records
„Blues for Joe/Ig liebe si immer no/Fever(w.Jackie)“
inkl 33 pices Card Game
14. Februar 2007
The „Hit the North – Tour“ 2007 is on the Tour Site
Die „Hit the North – Tour“ 2007 ist auf unserer Tour Seite
20. November 2006
The 20th anniversary-party is History;
thanx to all of you who made this possible and helped us
all this years
New record/cd is out on VoodooRhythm records
16. September 2006
New 7″
It’s Rock’n’roll / Fever
5. September 2006
Ja ja, wir leben noch!
Haben jetzt auch eine myspace-site (auf drängen vom scheff)
Ihr werdet es kaum glauben, aber wir haben es doch noch geschafft,
ein paar Gigs zu organisieren, check
Ach ja, ganz nebenbei haben wir auch einen „neuen Sänger“.
Yeah yeah yeah, we’re still alive!
We are now on mypsace (order from chef!) too
Added a few Gigs
And, by the way, we have a „new singer“
26.Juni 2006
Lesen! Bericht/Interview oder so vom B-Sides Festival
check out www.trespass.ch
thanx Monthy for the chaos 😉 (check your md,hehehe)
26.März 2006
Flyer vom 3.Juni in Bern
16.Februar 2006
So, endlich geht mal wieder was. Janosh ist zwar immer noch in Japan,
aber wir arbeiten daran, diverse Shows und eine kleine Europa-Tour
(sorry kangaroo’s/kiwi’s) auf die Beine zu stellen. Wir sehen uns!
Finally, something is beating around in the bush. Janosh is still in Japan,
but we are in the process of planning some shows
aswell as a small(ish) European Tour – a big sorry to all the socceroos and kiwis down under…
See y’all soon in a venue near you!
17.Januar 2006
Beatman ist zum 2.mal Vater geworden!
Wir Gratulieren Hope und Beatman und Chet,
Welcome Coco!
Beatman made it for the second time…
and this time it’s a baby girl named Coco!
All the best to Hope, Beatman and Chet from the rest of us…
welcome Coco!
25.November 2005
R.I.P. George Best
The enigmatic George Best, one of the greatest players ever in world football,
has left an incredible yet unfortunate legacy on the English game.
18.September 2005
R.I.P. Kike Turmix
Singer of „the Pleasure Fuckers“ and
Label Boss of „Safety Pin records“
13.September 2005
1.The Monsters lösen sich nicht auf!! (zu früh gefreut-ätsch!)
2. Wir machen aber 6 Monate Pause, da Janosh für diese Zeit nach Japan zieht,
und ohne Bass – Keine Monsters -Logo!
3. Sobald Janosh zurück ist, wird das 20 Jährige Bandbestehen gefeiert, versprochen!!!
Rumour Mill
Nope, the Monsters won’t be calling it a day, no chance!
On the other hand, we will face a 6-month-break though,as Janosh
is spending his time an money in Japan…No bass – No Monsters…
simple really!
As soon as Janosh is setting foot on Swiss soil again we will be
celebrating our 20th Monsters Anniversary, and this is a FACT!
27.September 2005
Diese Jahr kein „the Monsters“ Halloween Gig in Stuttgart
Party wird aber bestimmt auch so der Hammer, check it out
22.September 2005
See Mr.Beatman performing live in the Studio, in japanese (QuicktimeVideo 1.3MB)
1.September 2005
R.I.P. R.L. Burnside died today 1926 – 2005
23.August 2005
R.I.P. Bob Moog (Dr. Robert Moog) (Robert A. Moog)
He created one of the first electronic musical instruments, the Moog synthesizer.
17.Juli 2005
The Japan Tourreport in english is here , pictures are here
thanx to desborough.ch
24. Juni 2005
Japan Tour a Go-Go!! Lese den Tourbericht, schau dir die Bilder an, und gehe zu den Links
für all die geilen Japan Bands!
Japan Tour: Pictures are online now, as well as a updated link section with all those
crazy japanese bands! The Tourreport in english and japanese will follow within a week or so…
10. Juni 2005
we are all very very sad, the japan tour is over, we had a GREAT time
Pictures and Tourreport will be online from the Juni 20.
Thanx to all the people who made this tour possible
wir sind alle sehr traurig, die japan tour ist vorbei, alles war ein riesenspass.
Bilder und Tourreport werden ab dem 20.Juni online sein, erst noch ein paar
tage Urlaub bei unseren Japanischen Freunden.
Vielen Dank allen die diese Tour ermoeglicht haben
8. Juni 2005
The Radio Station BARKS did an interview with theMonsters
9. Mai 2005
cool gig-poster from japan
2. Mai 2005
Drinking can be dangerous…
29. April 2005
R.I.P. Hasil Adkins
6. April 2005
The Monsters Promo Video for Japan (38MB)
3. April 2005
New Monsters CD „Hide and Seek“ only to be released in Japan out now!
Neue Monsters CD „Hide and Seek“ ist draussen. Nur in Japan zu kaufen!
check the official swiss-japan site (scroll down).
30. März 2005
R.I.P. Bass Wolf
24. März 2005
Check out the japanese tour poster.
Schau dir die Japan Tour Poster an.
9. Februar 2005
Allright: This year the Monsters go to Japan! Fucking amazing! Dates here…
Un-fucking-glaublich: The Monsters gehen nach Japan! Daten hier…
The „i hate rice tour ’05“ there goes tokio, go go godzilla (böc)
1. Januar 2005
here’s a little gift for the bloody new year
hier ein kleines präsent zum neuen jahr
from the forthcoming live record „the love i never had“
29. Dezember 2004
The new TRASH BIBLE is online
Feel free to confess
14. Dezember 2004
Voodoorhythm family gathering in the Reithalle Bern, featuring The Watzloves,
The Monsters and Thee Butchers Orchestra… fucked up party + celebrity pics only!
Voodoorhythm Firmen Weihnacht in der Reithalle mit The Watzloves, The Monsters
und Thee Butchers Orchestra… party und promis a gogo!
8. December 2004
The holy bible of skateboarding, the ever cool THRASHER wrote a
review about „Youth Against Nature“. Read!
Jawohl! Das einzige lesbare Skateboard Magazin – THRASHER – schreibt
über „Youth Against Nature“. Lesen!
22. November 2004
Sunday night in Zurich: Roy and the Devilsmotorcycle
and The Monsters in Bogen13. Pictures here
11. November 2004
Tourbericht der Europa-Zupfiklatschi-Tour 2004 jetzt endlich online! Hier lesen!
Tourreport Europe 2004 in english is online now! Read that shit!
See pictures from the Tour 04
9.November 2004
5. November 2004
Allright! Check the Monsters Tour pictures UNCENSORED!
If you have more pictures please send ‚em!
1. November 2004
snifff, the Zupfi Klatschi Tour 2004 ist vorbei.
wow, thank you, you and you….
pictures und tourbericht folgen
11. Rocktober 2004
Ok.Ok, all the monsters guy’s are back in switzerland and prepare for the tour.
hope to see YOU there.
19. September 2004
Johnny Ramone and Russ Meyer R.I.P.
3. September 2004
This autumn in a club near you…THE MONSTERS! France, Holland and Germany, the tour
is almost booked, check out the complete dates here.
16. August 2004
The summer is allmost over (here in switzerland)
Tourdates updated
25. July 2004
Workin hard on the autumn tour 04
Wir arbeiten an der Herbst 04 Tour
21.Oktober – 1.November
20. July 2004
OOOPS! Die Zeitschrift „Rockstar“ hat eine Top100 List der besten Schweizer Bands veröffentlicht:
ACHTUNG!Platz 9:Beatman/theMonsters wow, hinter Young Gods, Celtic Frost,Yello, aber einen Platz
vor Coroner und Krokus. Wir trinken eins darauf, cheers
Holy Guacamole! Swiss magazine „Rockstar“ published their Top100 of swiss bands:
Hold on tight, Ladeez and gents!
BeatMan/theMonsters at NUMBER 9, yiphhee!
Young Gods, Celtic Frost and Yello are in the top ranks, but Coroner and Krokus couldn’t beat theMonsters. FanFuckingTastic that is!!
1. July 2004
New Designed Homepage is online-enjoy
30. June 2004
Cool game with the Beastie Boys
17. June 2004
Right on! New pictures arrived, but you gotta be 18 or older….
Finaly we have some lyrics online as well, they are at the bottom of the bio-section!
Shop ‚till you drop! New merchandising stuff to buy!
15. June 2004
Check out the new monsters-links… hehehehe!
10. April 2004
Fuck the IFPI! Read all about it (in german…)
29. Maerz 2004
New Monsters Bio as pdf file.We are working for some new gigs in 2004
8. Maerz 2004
The Tour 03 report is online in deutsch or english
17. Februar 2004
The Monsters competition starts
27.Januar 2004
New mp3 (i’m a record junkie) from „Youth against nature“
12.Januar 2004
Just to relax,put a game on our site
06.Januar 2004
Hell-come to 2004, some new Tour03 Pictures
23.Dezember 2003
sorry, new pictures will follow in january, we need a break
15.Dezember 2003
yes, we have our pictures
9.Dezember 2003
Harald Schmidt gibt auf
8.Dezember 2003
Vielen dank klang&kleid und fifty foot combo for the 2 great weekends
03.Dezember 2003
First pictures from the 03 tour, the report will follow next week.
WB aus O traut keiner Statistik mehr
24. November 2003
ohh NO, it’s over – till next weekend
20. November 2003
ohhhh, it’s new york
18. November 2003
Check the Pictures @ Curitiba
12.November 2003
Hello Brasil, yes it’s summertime
5.November 2003
Leaving switzerland, hello argentina
19.Oktober 2003
We have a guestbook
Ok,fuer alle Fahnen-freunde aus Aarau, sie bewegen sich jetzt!!
well well well at last, „theMonsters“ have their own website. have fun